Why should I choose Coffee Cat Digital Blends?

We listen closely to each client.  What their concerns are, what they need, and envision.  Our journey with each client is unique, yet we give the same attention to everyone.  We work closely with you throughout the process.

What kind of graphic design services do you offer?

We are B2B, so our main focus is on marketing collateral.
Here are a few examples:
·         Logo design (start-ups or rebranding)
·         Stationery design – email signature, business card, letterhead, business icons
·         Brochure design
·         Flyer design
·         Advert design
·         Pricelist design
·         PowerPoint Presentation Design
·         Company Profile design
·         And much more

Why should a Start-Up Business use your services?

We are passionate about Start-Up Businesses and understand the excitement, frustration, and concerns that go with it.  We have many options to choose from but every one of them creates a great brand foundation that will serve your business well for years to come, and we understand how marketing and design work together.  We work closely with Start-Up Businesses, making sure we understand their vision so we can bring it to life.

In what format will I receive my logo?

You will receive your finalised logo in PNG and PDF format.  The Ai file can be requested.

What can I expect when having my logo designed by you?

First, we will discuss your vision and expectations, I will then send you a graphic design questionnaire to complete.  Once completed, I will start working on your logo samples, which you will receive within 10 working days. You will then give feedback and any changes needed.  Once the logo is finalised, you will receive your logo in colour, black, and white, in PNG and PDF format, with basic branding information which includes font type used and colour codes.

How do I choose my brand colours?

Good question.  Most people want to know the meaning of colour, which is a good thing, but I always suggest that my clients go with colours they like, after all, they need to look at it every day for years.  Of course, your colours do need to speak to your target audience.  Visit www.colorhunt.co for colour inspiration.

What software do you use?

We use Adobe CC

Can you create documents I can edit?

For the most part, yes, but it would depend on what you are needing, so please do contact us to discuss your needs.

Why do you require a 50% deposit?

We require a deposit since all our work is bespoke, and can’t be resold.

Why is branding important?

Differentiation: In a crowded marketplace, branding helps a company stand out from its competitors. It allows a business to communicate its unique value proposition, personality, and attributes that set it apart from others.
Recognition and Recall: A well-developed brand creates recognition and recall value among consumers.
Trust and Credibility: A strong brand instills trust and credibility in the minds of consumers.
Emotional Connection: Brands have the power to create emotional connections with consumers. By crafting a brand story, values, and identity that resonate with their target audience, companies can establish an emotional bond.
Customer Loyalty and Advocacy: A strong brand cultivates customer loyalty and advocacy. When consumers have positive experiences with a brand and develop an emotional connection, they are more likely to become repeat customers and recommend the brand to others.

Why do I need a graphic designer for my business?

Hiring a graphic designer for your business can bring numerous benefits and contribute to your overall success. Here are several reasons why you might need a graphic designer:

Professional and polished visual identity: A graphic designer can help create a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity for your business. They have expertise in design principles, color theory, typography, and layout, ensuring that your brand’s visuals are consistent, engaging, and convey the right message to your target audience.
Brand recognition and differentiation: A graphic designer can develop a unique logo and visual elements that set your business apart from competitors.
Effective communication of your message: Graphic designers excel at visually communicating ideas and messages. They can take complex information or concepts and present them in a visually appealing and easily understandable way.
Consistency across platforms: With the rise of digital and social media, businesses need to maintain a consistent brand presence across various platforms. A graphic designer ensures that your brand elements, such as logos, color schemes, and typography, are applied consistently across all marketing materials and digital channels, reinforcing brand recognition and professionalism.
Saving time and effort: While you could attempt to create visuals on your own using online tools, a graphic designer brings expertise and efficiency to the table. They can quickly translate your ideas into visually compelling designs, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
Professionalism and credibility: High-quality design communicates professionalism and builds trust with your audience. A professionally designed logo and marketing materials elevate the perception of your business.