Helping businesses cut marketing costs while still putting out good marketing collateral.

Our business environment has changed dramatically since the beginning of 2020. We have been either forced to start a business to survive or adapt. The first costs to go in most businesses are marketing; this is why this subscription service has been created.

Just about every business has PowerPoint but never use it.  It is a great program, it is user-friendly, and there are various formats that your documents can be saved in.

Within our subscription service, there are a variety of templates to choose from, and new templates/graphics will be uploaded every month. 

Each category has a video explaining how to change colour and add text/logo. I have made use of Google fonts as everyone has access to them, and they are free.

Your thinking will be changed, and your creativity ignited without being distracted by too many technical details.  You will be learning a new skill that you can use for years to come, for both business and personal projects.

My hope is that this subscription service will add value for start-ups and small businesses.

I am here to help.  If you get stuck, you are welcome to contact me.  I want you to succeed.  I want your marketing collateral to send a good clear message. I want your business to be noticed.

Are you ready to embark on a journey with me? Sign up here.


  • Internet connection to download templates and watch tutorials
  • Laptop or PC
  • MS Powerpoint


Subscription – 1 Month R250
Subscription – 3 Months R675 once-off
Subscription – 6 Months R1194 once-off

What do business owners think of this service?

Coffee Cat Digital Blends subscription service is such a wonderful idea. It's super affordable and cuts out the middle man. It gets your creativity flowing and lets you create your own post, just the way you want it to be. I can highly recommend it.
The subscription service is very helpful. I found it very straightforward to use and the videos were very informative and clear. The designs are lovely and can really help to change the look of a business.
Wonderful initiative for business owners and start-ups! Great templates to download and use forever, much simpler and easy to use than I expected. Every business can spruce up its marketing collateral without the heavy design costs some designers charge. I've used Coffee Cat Digital many times for quality custom work, and without a doubt, they continued their standard of excellent quality and constantly adding value! Love it.
The Coffee Cat Digital Blends subscription service has made me excited and confident about creating high-quality marketing materials for my business, rather than dreading the process or having to rely on expensive outside help. The platform and the templates are easy to use, the video tutorials are packed with tips and it is possible to create great content very quickly. Highly recommended!